About Insurance & Fees

All new clients get to enjoy a free consultation. That is our office policy because we believe that it shouldn’t have to cost you anything to meet with the doctor and find out if you are likely to be helped by our methods.

If it appears that you are a good candidate for our help, we will proceed to a 5 step targeted exam in order to find the true, underlying source of your complaints. We do not guess, we examine. If it appears that x-rays are necessary, we will advise you of that during your exam.

All you need to do is request and schedule your appointment by either calling our main number, 480-219-0625, or you can email an appointment request.

When you come in, make sure to bring your insurance ID card so that we can give you a filled out insurance form that you will be able to send into your insurance company and request reimbursement according to your policy.

Don’t gamble with your health and ability to life your life on your terms! Let’s find out the underlying cause/s of your complaints and make sure you enjoy your life to the fullest!

“We look forward to meeting you and providing real solutions for your concerns!”

*All visits are by appointment*

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“I am so very blessed for the healing hope I now feel inside. My appointment opened up a whole new world of healing which I never would have dreamed existed.”



- Sheila L.

“Thank you so much! After my first visit, I already feel 80% better! I look forward to what the end result will actually feel like!”



- Corinne R.

“I really enjoyed it! Thank you very much for your help!”



- Mindy R.

 (480) 219-0625 9943 East Bell Road #113 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

North Scottsdale Chiropractic Wellness Center